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A Case of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis with Transient T3-Thyrotoxicosis Induced by Hydatidiform Mole

Yoo JY, Moon HJ, Park CY, Lee SJ, Jeong IK, Hong EG, Oh GW, Kim HK, Kim DM, Yoo JM, Ihm SH, Choi MG, Yoo HJ, Park SW, Min SK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):294-298.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.294
Human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) is a member of the glycoproteins family synthesized by the placenta, which consists of 2 noncovalently joined subunits(alpha(alpha) and beta(beta)). The alpha- and beta-subunits have a structural...
A Case of Graves' Disease associated with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Kim WH, Choi EK, Yoon SH, Jeong IB, Cho DY, Park KY

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):289-293.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.289
The association of Graves' disease and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura(ITP) is a rather rare, but well documented condition, and has also been reported a few times in Korea. At present, two...
A Case of Pheochromocytoma Presented with Cardiogenic Shock

Do MY, Kim HM, Ko YG, Lim SK, Jung JH, Chung N, Kim YA, Kang SA, Moon JH, Lee JH, Choi ST

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):283-288.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.283
A pheochromocytoma is a catecholamine secreting tumor, which is often overlooked when cardiovascular complications, such as acute heart failure, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, arrhythmias, and dilated cardiomyopathy, presented as the...
A Case of Primary Hyperparathyroidism Caused by Cystic Parathyroid Adenoma, Diagnosed during Intra-Operative PTH Monitoring

Yoo HJ, Kim NH, Park SY, Kim DJ, Yang SJ, Park JR, Kim HY, Seo JA, Lee KW, Kim SG, Choi KM, Lee JB, Lee YS, Baik SH, Choi DS

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):278-282.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.278
Primary hyperparathyroidism is the most frequent cause of hypercalcemia, and its prevalence is increasing due to the routine examination of serum calcium levels. Primary hyperparathyroidims is most commonly caused by...
A Case of Tracheal Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Presenting with Diffuse Goiter

Kang HC, Kim SK, Kang SH, Kim KM, Hong SI, Chung DJ, Chung MY, Lee JK, Lim SC, Lee JH

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):273-277.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.273
A goiter is among the most common presenting symptoms of patients with thyroid diseases and is usually caused by intrinsic thyroid problems. While direct invasion of the trachea by aggressive...
A Case of Thyroid MALT Lymphoma without Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Kong ON, Joo SH, Shin SH, Na MA, An JH, Kang YH, Park DY, Son SM, Kim IJ, Kim YK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):268-272.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.268
A primary thyroid lymphoma is rare among all types of thyroid malignancy. Usually, a thyroid lymphoma is associated with underlying chronic autoimmune thyroiditis. Recently, we experienced a primary thyroid mucosa-associated...
The Change of Thyroid Hormone by Short-term Antithyroid Drug Treatment for Preoperative Euthyroidism in TSH-secreting Pituitary Adenoma

Lee MH, Park JH

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):261-267.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.261
Preoperative euthyroidism is needed to minimize the risk of intraoperative and postoperative complications, such as thyroid storm by surgery. Antithyroid drugs or steroid hormones are commonly used in primary hyperthyroidism...
The Effects on Visceral Fat and Cardiovascular Risk Factors of Testosterone Replacement in Secondary Hypogonadal Men

Hong ES, Kim SY, Choi YJ, Kim SW, Shin CS, Park KS, Jang HC, Kim SY, Cho BY, Lee HK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):252-260.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.252
BACKGROUND: Increased body fat, abdominal obesity and insulin resistance are important clinical features in hypogonadal men. Several studies have demonstrated that a low testosterone concentration in men is associated with...
The Usefulness of High Resolution Ultrasonography in the Differentiation of Thyroid Nodule

Yoon HD, Shon HS

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):242-251.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.242
BACKGROUND: Fine needle aspiration(FNA) is regarded as the best procedure in the diagnosis of thyroid malignancies. However, the rate of false negative and indeterminate results are between 5~10 and 10~30%,...
Mechanism of Castration-induced Apoptosis of Ventral Prostate in Rat

Park C, Park JI, Yun EJ, Song KS, Kim JS, Kim YR, Lee SD, Park SK, Hwang BD, Lim K

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):230-241.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.230
BACKGROUNDS: Castration-induced androgen deprivation triggers a sequence of events, which activates apoptotic cell death of the androgen-dependent epithelial cells within the rat ventral prostate. To investigate the mechanism of castration-dependent...
The Relationship between the BRAF Mutations in Thyroid Papillary Carcinomas and the Prognostic Factors

Rha SY, Lee JC, Kwon KH, Lee HJ, Kim KS, Jo YS, Ku BJ, Shong M, Kim YK, Ro HK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):224-229.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.224
BACKGROUND: Thyroid cancers account for about 1% of all human malignancies, with papillary thyroid carcinomas being the most common istotype. Several investigators have recently identified the most common BRAF mutation,...
The Clinical Characteristics of Macroprolactinemia

Choi YJ, Kang JG, Kim SY, Hong ES, Kim SW, Shin CS, Kim SY, Cho BY, Lee HK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):216-223.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.216
BACKGROUND: Prolactin has been identified by gel chromatography to exist is three different forms in human serum; monomeric prolactin(molecular mass 23kDa), big prolactin (molecular mass 50~60 kDa) and big big...
The Effects of Osteoprotegerin Polymorphism on Bone Mineral Metabolism in Korean Women with Perimenopause

Oh KW, Yun EJ, Rhee EJ, Lee WY, Baek KH, Kang MI, Park CY, Ihm SH, Choi MG, Yoo HJ, Park SW

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):204-215.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.204
BACKGROUND: Osteoprotegerin(OPG) is a recently identified cytokine, which acts as a decoy receptor for the receptor activator of the NF-kappaB ligand(RANKL), and has also been shown to be an important...
Diagnosis of Impalpable Thyroid Nodule Detected by High-resolution Ultrasonography

Kim TY, Kim WB, Shong YK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):200-203.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.200
No abstract available.
Physiological Function of G Protein-Coupled Receptors(GPCRs) and Research Trends for Orphan GPCRs

Oh DY, Seong JY

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2005 Jun;20(3):185-199.
  • doi: 10.3803/jkes.2005.20.3.185
No abstract available.

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