Allergy.  1994 Jun;14(2):218-226.

Prevalence and characteristics of anti-IgE autoantibodies in childhood atopic asthma and dermatitis


The relative concentrations of IgG class anti-IgG autoantibody(anti-IgE) and IgG class anti-IgG/IgE immune complex(IgG/IgE IC) were measured by Avidin-Biotin ELISA method in children with .atopic asthma, rhinitis or dermatitis and nonatopic controls. The study subjects were divided into four groups; children with atopic dermatitis only(Group I, N=10), with atopic asthma and/or allergic rhinitis(Group II, N=22), with Atopic dermatitis and asthma and/or rhnitis(Group Ill, N=9) and nonatopic controls(Group IV, N=9). The positive rates of anti-IgE in atopic subjects and nonatopics were 78% and 89%, respectively. The concentration of IgG4 anti -IgE was relatively higher than IgG1 anti-IgE in majority of subjects. There was no significant difference in the positive rate of IgG/IgE IC between atopics and nonatopics. In the IgG/IgE ICs, IgG4 subclass was most commonly found, and second was IgG1 subclass. The concentration of anti-IgE was significantly correlated with that of IgG/IgE IC, but there were no significant correlations between level of total IgE and anti-IgE or IgG/IgE IC. In the sera of fourty-seven per cent of subjects with low IgE(IgE<100 IU/ ml), IgG/IgE IC was also positive and their concentrations were as high as those of high IgE(IgE>250 IU/ml) subjests. In conclusion, the positive rates of anti-IgE and IgG/IgE IC are not significantly different among study groups(atopic/non-atopic, respiratory disease/dermatitis), and the majority of anti-IgE were IgG4 and IgG1 subclasses. The fact that IgG/IgE IC was also detected in half of the subjects with low IgE is helpful to explain the clinical and pathogenic aspects of low IgE atopic asthma and dermatitis.

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