Psychoanalysis.  2021 Jul;32(3):112-116. 10.18529/psychoanal.2021.32.3.112.

Psychoanalytic Understanding of Narcissism in the Movie “Le Grand Bleu”

  • 1Department of Psychiatry, Yongin Mental Hospital, Yongin, Korea


Individuals with unhealthy narcissism due to social changes are causing various social problems. Kohut noted that primary narcissism is essential for growth and development and persists in life, covering all facets of a personality. This thesis analyzes how narcissism affects an individual’s personality from the perspective of the movie “Le Grand Bleu.” Enzo had a strong rivalry for Jacques, which killed him. Narcissistic wounds play a key role in this competitive spirit, and there was an attempt to restore narcissism as a child by projecting Enzo’s ideals on Jacques. Jacques appeared to be in a secondary narcissistic state, living in isolation from the loss of his parents as a child. While meeting Enzo and Joanna, the relationship with the world begins again, but due to En-zo’s death, the original state of libido distribution was re-enacted and reality verification was lost. Meanwhile, Jacques showed his death instinct throughout the film and made a break from the people around him. Joanna’s love for Jacques is analyzed in terms of object-choice. Joanna followed a narcissistic pattern, seeing Jacques as a proxy for ego ideal. Recently, a series of social problems caused by individuals immersing unconsciously in excessive narcissism that is not integrated into the ego or superego like the main characters in the movie. It will be an important task for society and psychotherapists to provide empathy and optimal activities to frustrations in these individuals, leading to the growth of healthy narcissism.


Narcissism; Competitive spirit; Libido; Object-choice; Repetition compulsion.
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