Asian Oncol Nurs.  2012 Feb;12(1):44-51. 10.5388/aon.2012.12.1.44.

Relationships between Knowledge, Attitude and Preventive Health Behavior about Cancer in University Students

  • 1Kosin University Graduate School, Busan, Korea.
  • 2College of Nursing Science, Kosin University, Busan, Korea.


The study was to identify the relationships between levels of knowledge, attitude and preventive health behavior about cancer in university students.
The data were analyzed with the SPSS/WIN 18.0 program. The participants of this study were 200 university students. Three kinds of instruments were used for this study, questionnaires about cancer-related knowledge, attitude and preventive health behavior from Suh et al. (1998).
The mean score for knowledge about cancer was 14.33+/-5.32, the mean score of attitude toward cancer was 31.76+/-3.75 and the mean score of preventive behavior for cancer was 57.20+/-8.48. There was slightly positive correlation between knowledge of cancer and attitude toward cancer. There was positive correlation between the attitude toward cancer and preventive health behavior for cancer.
It is necessary to consider the related factors for the development and implementation of systematic education programs that can encourage and promote preventive health behavior for cancer among university students.


Cancer; University Students; Knowledge; Attitude; Preventive Health Behavior

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