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Korean J Gynecol Oncol Colposc. 1993 Jun;4(2):22-29. Korean. Comparative Study.
Seo CS , Jeong EH , Kim JH , Moon HS , Song YS , Kang SB , Lee HP .

For more than 20 years, many cytologic techniques have been developed for endometrial sampling such as Gravlee jet aspirator, Isaacs cell sampler, Vabra aspirator, Pipelle, etc. But none of the techniques received general acceptanee as a replacement for dilatation and curettage. Hence dilatation and curettage is still used to evaluate women at high risk for endometrial cancer and infertility, to manage abnormal uterine bleeding and to follow womeh on hormone replacement therapy, But biopsy methods produce enough pain to lower patients acceptance, Z-sarnpler is a new simple plastic endornetrial suction curette that provides a histologic diagnosis like Pippelle, This study compared the clinical usability of the Z-sampler to that of endometrial biopsy by dilatation and eurettage. The Z-sampler obtained sufficient tissues for histologic diagnosis in 45 cases(45/50, 90.0%), it was lower than that of end.ometrial biopsy(49/50, 98,0%), But the accuracy of tissue diagnosis was almost equal to that of endometrial biopsy. In addition. Z-sempler cau less pain(94.1%) and the duration of this procdure was shorter than that of endometrial biopsy by dilatation and curettage. These results suggest that the Z-sampler may be efficieot technique in endometrial tissue diagnosi, like dilatation and curettage and it has greater patient acceptability due to less pain, less bleeding and shorter duration of procedure.

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