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J Korean Soc Virol. 2000 Mar;30(1):61-70. Korean. Comparative Study.
Lee HK , Jeong TS .

Standard plaque assay using agarose-overlay has long been used for titration of many infectious virus particle. Plaque assay for the titration of varicella-zoster virus and its live vaccine requires three intermittent agarose overlay to visualize plaques. Overall procedure of the assay takes at least nine days from virus inoculation and microbe contamination including fungi is frequently accompanied during incubation period. We studied whether an immunofocus assay in conjunction with peroxidase-mediated immunohistochemical reaction may replace the standard plaque assay for the virus titration by comparing the two methods. A linear relationship was observed between number of foci and virus dilution. The number of foci in a given dilution of virus appeared a little higher than counted plaques formed in standard plaque assay. Independent titration results obtained from two assay methods for a given dilution of virus demonstrated a strong correlation (r2=0.99). Foci of virus infected cells as revealed by the enzyme reaction could be counted either 4 days post-infection (p.i.) under low magnification (40X) microscopy, or 6 days p.i. by naked eye observation. Larger size of cell cuture plate, virus adsorption at 35 degrees C, and 10% FBS in diluent appeared to be better conditions for the assay. Immunofocus assay will be an effective and dependable titration method for varicella-zoster virus and its live vaccine in place of the standard plaque assay in respect to accuracy, costs, and experimental convenience.

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