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Radiat Oncol J. 2015 Dec;33(4):337-343. English. Original Article.
Chung K , Han Y , Kim J , Ahn SH , Ju SG , Jung SH , Chung Y , Cho S , Jo K , Shin EH , Hong CS , Shin JS , Park S , Kim DH , Kim HY , Lee B , Shibagaki G , Nonaka H , Sasai K , Koyabu Y , Choi C , Huh SJ , Ahn YC , Pyo HR , Lim DH , Park HC , Park W , Oh DR , Noh JM , Yu JI , Song S , Lee JE , Lee B , Choi DH .
Department of Radiation Oncology, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
Industrial Equipment Division, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., Niihama, Japan.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this report is to describe the proton therapy system at Samsung Medical Center (SMC-PTS) including the proton beam generator, irradiation system, patient positioning system, patient position verification system, respiratory gating system, and operating and safety control system, and review the current status of the SMC-PTS. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The SMC-PTS has a cyclotron (230 MeV) and two treatment rooms: one treatment room is equipped with a multi-purpose nozzle and the other treatment room is equipped with a dedicated pencil beam scanning nozzle. The proton beam generator including the cyclotron and the energy selection system can lower the energy of protons down to 70 MeV from the maximum 230 MeV. RESULTS: The multi-purpose nozzle can deliver both wobbling proton beam and active scanning proton beam, and a multi-leaf collimator has been installed in the downstream of the nozzle. The dedicated scanning nozzle can deliver active scanning proton beam with a helium gas filled pipe minimizing unnecessary interactions with the air in the beam path. The equipment was provided by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., RayStation from RaySearch Laboratories AB is the selected treatment planning system, and data management will be handled by the MOSAIQ system from Elekta AB. CONCLUSION: The SMC-PTS located in Seoul, Korea, is scheduled to begin treating cancer patients in 2015.

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