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J Nurs Acad Soc. 1989 Dec;19(3):299-306. Korean. Comparative Study.
Jung SE .

In order to evaluate the effect of fish oil on lipid drogenase(G6PDH), malic enzyme (ME), glucose-6 -phosphatase (G6Pase) activities were measured in liver and adipose tissue of rats fed 13 days supplemented fish oil at the level of 10 % (W /W) Two other groups of rats were fed 10% soybean oil or lard to compare with the effect of fish oil. In all groups, activities of hepatic G6PDH and ME were depressed from the beginning of feeding. This effect was greatest (50%) in fish oil group. Hepatic G6Pase was highest in rats fed lard. When the level of fish oil was reduced to half, as total fat content was maintained at the level of 10% by complementary lard, lipogenic enzyme depressing effect of fish oil was as significant as shown in 10% fish oil diet. Hepatic G6PDII was depressed significantly(14%) in rats fed fish oil as low as 2%. On the other hand, changes in adipose tissue G6PDH and ME activities were small. Adipose tissue G6Page activity increased slightly in rats fed with increasing fish oil(abovc 0.5%). It is suggested that fish oil alter, more markedly than either soybean oil or lard, cellular lipid metabolism by reducing activities of hepatic lipogenic enzymes.

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