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J Nurs Acad Soc. 1971 Dec;2(1):35-48. Korean. Original Article.
Kang KJ .

This is a research on general evaluation of the nursing profession which is a professional job, a suitable calling to women and is developing academically day by day. The author gave some questions to the patients, doctors, people, student nurses-themselves and got the folling results; (A) General concept about nursing profession A nurse is a member of a medical team who works for people's health promotion(50.8%) The reason that the nursing profession is a good one is that it is a rewarding job to care for sick patients(78.9%) The spirit is the most important factor for the nurse(84.8%) and the nursing profession is a suitable calling to women(76%) The description of nurses as "The angels in white dress" is an approprate one(44.6%) or only a beautiful expression(47.4%) (B) Nurses as actually seen by doctors and patients They work only obligatorily(47.8%)-Doctors They try to relieve the patient's physical discomforts in all sincerity(65.6%), also they try to decrease the patient's mental apperhension(56.7%) (C) Satisfaction in the nursing profession. nurses satisfaction in the nursing prosession is general(68.8%) and student nurses satisfaction in selecting nursing is fulfilled(50.9%). One reason for dissatisfaction among nurses and student nurses is people's failure to understanding the nursing profession(40.1%), One reason for satisfaction is that it is a rewarding job carning for sick patients(35%). (D) Is the nursing professional job? People think the nursing profession is a professional job like doctors or lawyers(60.2%). (E) Are they adcdemic? People think the nurses are academic(37.8%) but nurses read only intersting items in the "Journal of Korean Nurse"(67.7%). (F) Opinions about nurses' going out of the country. Doctors and nurses agree that after 1-2years' experience in this country(78.5%) and strdent nurses want to go out wher there is on oppertunity(73.1%). Student's purpose of going out is to enrich their stock of information(71.3%), doctors think, it is for training in nursing knowledge and skills(47.8%). (G) Opinions about nurse's social affairs They want nurses to be controlled(44.4%) and also think that the nurse's demonstration in the National Center was reasonable(36.3%). (H) Would you make your daughter a nurse? They favour their daughter's becoming a nurse(17.4%) because they think it is a vewarding job to care for sick patients(42.5%).

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