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Ewha Med J. 1986 Sep;9(3):197-205. Korean. Original Article.
Kim CN .
Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine Ewha Womans University, Korea.

The clinico-statistical study was done on 147 cases of traumatic drum perforation who visited the Department of Otolaryngology, Ewha Womans University Hospital from Jan. '81 to Dec. '85. Following results were obtained: 1) In sex incidence ; female incidence were more than male(ratio of female and male was about 1.3:1). In age distribution ; the highest incidence was in the group of 10's and 20's in male(70%) and in the group of 20's and 30's in female(75.2%). 2) The duration from tympanic membrane perforation to confirmation at E.N.T.O.P.D. was usually within 3 days in about 50%. 3) The main cause of drum perforation was direct trauma(70%). 4) Frequent complaints after trauma were hearing impairment(34.4%) and after ear stuffiness(18.9%) as in order. 5) The perforation was usually seen in the left ear(over 70% in male and female coincidentally). 6) Most frequent site of drum perforation was seen in anterior, central and posterior as in order. 7) Duration of the healing and hearing gaining after prosthesis was seen in 12 days and 9.7 in linear perforation, 14 days healing and 12 gaining in small perforation, 31 days healing and 12.6 gaining in medium sized perforation. In large perforation, the duration of the healing was mostly 55 days and hearing gaining was 17.2 after prosthesis.

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