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J Korean Vasc Surg Soc. 1997 Nov;13(2):271-276. Korean. Original Article.
Lee SH , Choi S , Chung SY , Kim SK .
Department of Surgery, Chonnam University, Kwangju, Korea.

Varicose vein is one of the most common vascular disorders of the lower extremities, and the two methods of treatment, ablative surgery and compression sclerotherapy are currently employed. Compression sclerotherapy has been controversial, but in recent, if it is performed in case of optimal indication, favorable effect can be expected. We reviewed 80 outpatients treated by compression sclerotherapy of varicose vein at Department of Surgery of Chonnam University Hospital from January, 1988 to December 1995 evaluate indication and usefulness of compression sclerotherapy. Indications for compression sclerotherapy included telangiectasia, reticular varicosities, reticular veins, isolated varicosities, below-the-knee varicosities, etc. Five percent ethanolamine oleate was utilized as a sclerosing agent in cases of absence of gross saphenous reflux, below knee varicosities, under 5.0mm in diameter, and elastic compression was continued for three months postsclerotherapy. The results were as follows ; 1) The distributions of age were 4th decade(38.7%), 5th decade(30.0%), 3rd decade(26.3%), in order. 2) The predisposing factors of varicose vein were profession requiring long periods of standing(51.2%), pregnancy(15%), in order. 3) Varicose veins were located in greater saphenous system(50%), lesser saphenous system (45%), and both (5.0%), in order. 4) The duration of clinical manifestation was 8-10 years(35.0%), 1-5 years(33.8%), in order. 5) The cardinal symptoms and signs were tortuosity of veins(100%), aching(80%), heaviness (50%), walking discomfort(30%), in order. 6) The outcome of treatment was that no further treatment was needed in 68 cases(85.0%), and re-treatment(sclerotherapy) was needed in 12 cases(15.0%). Among them, sclerotherapy was performed 2 times in 6 cases, 3 times in 4 cases, and 4 times in 2 cases. 7) The postsclerosing complications were hematoma(5 cases) and pigmentation(1 case). If compression sclerotherapy of lower extremities varicose vein is performed in selected patients, it may be the method of less expensive, safe and effective treatment.

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