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Korean J Fertil Steril. 1999 Apr;26(1):89-96. English. Original Article.
Cheon YP , Kim CH , Kang BM , Chang YS , Nam JH , Kim YS , Gye MC , Kim MK , Kim KS .

SUMMARY: Some of the information concerning sexual function in the male diabetes has been focused upon the problems of endocrine or semen parameters. However, the characteristics of acrosome reaction and spermatozoa concentration at the epididymis and vas deferens have scarcely been studied, and the causes of the infertility has not been critically identified. So, we designed to inspect the spermatozoa concentration and the characteristics of acrosome reaction at epididymis and was deferens of diabetic Wistar rat induced by streptozotocin (STZ, 70 mg/kg, ip). Experimental animal was sacrificed at 3 days and 14 days after the STZ injection. In the diabetes-induced rat, the levels of insulin and glucose had a pattern of inverse proportion. The spermatozoa concentrations in caput and corpus epididymis were significantly decreased in all diabetic condition. In cauda epididymis, however, there was significant decrease in sperm concentration at 14 days onward. In diabetic rat, the spontaneous reaction rate of spermatozoa of cauda and was deferens were significantly higher than the control group. The ARIC (acrosome reaction to ionophore challenge) value of caudal sperm was 28.7 at control, 22.1 at 3 days, and 8.3 at 14 days. In the present study the spermatozoa concentration was decreased and the spontaneous reaction rate was increased by diabetes. In ARIC-test, it is revealed that the fertility of spermatozoa of 14 days group was lower than control or 3 days group. Diabetes mellitus may be provoke the decreased fertilization rate and subsequent infertility.

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