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J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2003 Aug;29(4):219-225. Korean. Original Article.
Kim UK , Kim YD , Byun JH , Shin SH , Chung IK .

PURPOSE: Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) application is increasing with sinus inlay bone graft, but there is few research with radiographic ananlysis on effect of PRP in maxillary sinus. The author investigated the amount of bony changes of maxillary sinus for dental implantation among the patients with maxillary inlay graft. MATERIALS AND METHODS: With 10 patients who were treated with sinus inlay autologous bone grafting combined with PRP technique, and with 5 patients who were treated with sinus inlay grafting only without PRP, the panoramic radiographys which were taken at preoperation, immediate postoperation, 3months postoperation, and 4 months postoperation(a month after dental implantation)periods were analysed. The films had been scanned, and then proceeded throughout image analysis system. The bone density of maxillary grafted sites was compared with adjacent tooth enamel density and remeasured according to density luminosity of each film. The density changes on PRP group and bone graft only group were an lysed with non-parameteric statistics method. RESULTS: In PRP combined patients group, bone density on postoperation periods was increased totally. The remarkable enhanced change of bone density was observed on 3 months postoperation period, thereafter the increasing rate was slightly reduced . In only bone graft patients group, bone density on postoperation periods was also increased compared with preoperation period, but the bone density of 4 months postoperation period was decreased compared with 3 months postoperation period. The amount of bone density on PRP group was significantly changed according to periods in contrast to bone graft only group. CONCLUSION: The bone density on PRP group was remarkably increased at 3 months postoperation compared to bone graft only group and it was seemed to be associated with more new bone formation, less grafted bone resorption at bone grafted sites with PRP.

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