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Korean J Aerosp Environ Med. 1998 Jun;8(2):126-136. English. Original Article.

The size of the meeting room required will be dictated by the number of people expected to participate in the investigation. This will depend on the expected number of groups established, parties designated, and personnel from each party. In general, regardless of how small the team dispatched, on most Go-Team led investigations, the meeting room should accommodate at least 30 people. On major air transport accident investigations, the room should have a capacity of 100 to 150 people. Remember to account for the space required by support personnel, furniture, phone and power lines and the like when considering the desired capacity of the meeting room. For large investigations, instruct the hotel personnel to set up the room theater style, with tables and chairs set up in rows. If possible, an aisle should bisect the room, with aisles on either side of the rows of tables and chairs. The hotel should set up a head table at the front of the room to accommodate the IIC, the Board Member, and his/her assistant. The hotel should be requested to provide a chalkboard and/or whiteboard. A table should be placed at the rear of the room where reports, documents, and other material to be distributed to the parties can be plated. Another table should be provided for Public Affairs' use and telephones, but should be located away from the head table.

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