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Korean Circ J. 1986 Dec;16(4):531-541. Korean. Original Article.
Park KS , Lee WK , Cho SY , Shim WH , Chung NS , Jang YS , Choe KH .

To investigate the discriminative values of different lipid and lipoproteins in the presence and severity of coronary artery disease(CAD), liporotein profiles and other risk factors were measured in 333 patients age 30-69 years who were admitted at Severance Hospital from January 1980 to Agust 1986. The extent of atherosclerosis was quantified by a coronary atheosclerosis score(CAS) based on number and severity of lesions in eight proximal segments of the follows; 1) In age 30-49 and 50-69 groups, there were no significant differences of age, hypertension, smoking, diabetes, obesity to compare with control groups. 2) In age 30-49 group, the extent of CAD was more severe in male patients(1.7+/-0.7 vessel disease) than female(1.3+/-0.6 vessel disease)(P<0.05). But, no significant difference was showed between male(2.0+/-0.9 vessel disease) in age 50-69 group. CAS was significantly increased in male patients(6.1+/-3.7)to compare with female(3.7+/-2.6) in age 30-49 group(P<0.01). But, there was no difference in age 50-69 group. However, stronger liner correlations were demonstrated between the age and CAS in male patients(r=0.227, P<0.005) and in female patients(r=0.317, p<0.05). 3) Total cholesterol(TC), triglyceride(TG), HDL/c, HDL-TC and HDL-C/LDL-C were significantly associated with the presence of CAD in age 30-69 male patients; HoweverTC and LDL-C had disciriminatory value only for age 50-69 female patients. 4)The concentration of TC, LDL/C, HDL-C/TC and HDL_C/LDL-C showed a strong correlation with CAS in male patients, TC and LDL-C in female patents. But, HDL-C had no significant correlation with CAS on both groups. Above data suggest that TC, TG and HDL-C are the significants markers in man and TC and LDL-C on female for presence of CAD. The concentration of TC and LDL-C are related to the severity of CAD in both sexes. Further studies of lipoproteins and risk factors with large population are needed.

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