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Korean Circ J. 1979 Dec;9(2):99-108. Korean. Original Article.
Ahn SN , Kyung NH .

The author analyzed 231 patients of congestive heart failure which was confirmed by the clinical symptoms and the laboratory findings among the patients admitted to Ewha Womans University Hospital between the begining of 1974 and the end of 1978. The result were as follow; 1. In sex distribution, the female was predominant. Male to female ratio is 1:2.45. The most common incidence by age group was sixth decade. 2. Regarding the underlying disease, there were hypertensive heart disease(27.3%), post-partum heart disease(19.5%), rheumatic heart disease(16.0%) and arteriosclerotic heart disease(15.6%) in order. 3. The precipitating factors were observed in 77.5% of total cases and the order of frequency was pregnancy and delivery(26.4%), infection(19.1%), arrhythmia(12.6%) and physical exertion(12.1%). 4. On admission, patients usually complained of dyspnea, cough, right upper quadrant pain and the physical examination revealed moist rales, hepatomegaly etc. 5. The laboratory findings were anemia(19.0%), increased E.S.R.(33.8%) and leukocytosis (34.2%). 6. The blood chemistry showed increased level of creatinine(24.5%), S.G.O.T. (20.9%), B.U.N.(20.0%) and decreased albumin(15.5%), increased S.G.P.T.(15.0%) in order. 7. The X-ray films of chest on admission revealed increased vascular marking and pulmonary congestion(85.7%), cardiomegaly(80.0%) and pleural effusion(21.4) etc. 8. The E.C.G. findings showed(205 cases among 231 cases) LVH 56.6%, atrial fibrillation 26.3% etc. 9. The echocardiography perfomed in 59 cases among 231 cases gave valvular heart disease (28.9%), atrial fibrillation (11.9%) arteriosclerotic heart disease(8.5%), ventricular hypertrophy (6.8%) and atrial enlargement(5.1%) in order of frequency.

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