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J Korean Neurosurg Soc. 1990 Jul;19(7):973-984. Korean. Original Article.
Yoon KS , Cho KY , Kim HI , Kim TY , Cho KG , Shin H , Kang SS , Woo JH .
Scientific Part, Honam Chapter of Korean Neurosurgical Society, Korea.

The authors analized statistically 635 cases of pathologically confirmed central nervous system tumors in the Chonnam and Chonbuk provinces from 1987 to 1989. The results were as follows ; 1) Of the 635 cases, 327 cases(51.5%) were male and 308 cases(48.5%) were female. 2) Intracranial tumors were 518 cases(81.6%), spine and intraspinal tumors 94(14.8%), scalp and skull tumors 23(3.6%). 3) Average incidence rate of tumors was 3.5/year/100,000 population, 3.1 for Chonnam province, 4.4 for Chonbuk province. 4) Among the brain tumors, glial tumors were the most common(28.4%), and followed by meningiomas(18%), pituitary tumors(15.2%), metastatic tumors(8.9%), Among the intraspinal tumors, neurinomas and neurofibromas were found most frequently(41.5%), and rests were metastatic tumors(23.4%), meningiomas(9.5%) in order. 5) Sexual predilection of tumors was as follows : male preponderance was noted for oligodendrogliomas(9:1), metastatic tumors(2.3:1), glioblastomas multiforme(GM)(1.8:1) cysticercosis(1.6:1), and female preponderance for meningiomas(1:3.2), pituitary tumors(1:2), paragonimiases(1:1.5). 6) The incidence rate of brain tumors in children below 15 years was 11.8% and that which occured infratentorially was 47.5%. 7) The brain tumors were found mainly in cerebral hemispheres, in which area most of tumors were meningiomas, astrocytomas in order. In sellar, parasellar most of tumors were meningiomas astrocytomas in order. In sellar, parasellar and suprasellar region, the majority of tumors were pituitary tumors and meningiomas. 8) Cysticercosis showed a predilection for the sixth and seventh decades, meningiomas, metastatic tumors, neurinomas for sixth decade, GM and supratentorial astrocytomas for fourth, fifth and sixth decades, oligodendroliomas for fifth decade, infratentorial astrocytomas, medulloblastomas and craniopharyngiomas for first and second decades. 9) In the spinal tumors, the favorable site was thoracic region and majority of them were located intradural extramedullarily and extradurally in similar incidence.

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