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J Korean Soc Ther Radiol. 1989 Dec;7(2):305-312. English. Original Article.
Kang WS .
Department of Therapeutic Radiology, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

Fletcher-Suit colpostat has an internal structure to reduce dose to bladder and rectum. Some programs were developed to calculate dose at any point in water in three dimension around the colpostat containing Cs-137 tube, to find the shielding effect to dose by the internal structure, and to draw isodose cuties and iso-shielding effect cuties. Computer was an IBM compatible AT with EGA card and language was MS-Basic V6.0. Material, shape and geometry of the structure, tube and colpostat were considered in algorithm for calculation of dose. Dose rates per unit mg. Ra. eq. in water calculated by a program were stored in auxiliary memory devices and retrieved in another programs. Isodose curves on medial side shrieked. Dose distribution was not symmetric about a transverse axis bisecting the colpostat. Reduction of dose was more excessive on top side than on bottom. Iso-shielding effect cutie showed that the shielding effect was higher on top side than on bottom, and that there was shielding effect over almost all area of medial side. Such results were related to both shifted position of tribe in the colpostat and asymmetric distribution of active source in the tube. Maximum of shielding effect was 49% on top side and 44% on bottom side. The direction of iso-shielding effect curve was generally radial from the center of active source. In treatment planning using Fletcher-Suit colpostat, the internal structure should be considered to find precise doses to bladder and rectum, etc.

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