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J Korean Radiol Soc. 2005 Feb;52(2):137-142. Korean. Original Article.
Kim SJ , Cho N , Cha JH , Chung HK , Lee SH , Cho KS , Kim SM , Moon WK .
Department of Radiology and Clinical Research Institute, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea.

PURPOSE: To evaluate the reproducibility of the computer-aided detection (CAD) system for digital mammograms. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We applied the CAD system (ImageChecker M1000-DM, version 3.1; R2 Technology) to full field digital mammograms. These mammograms were taken twice at an interval of 10-45 days (mean: 25 days) for 34 preoperative patients (breast cancer n=27, benign disease n=7, age range: 20-66 years, mean age: 47.9 years). On the mammograms, lesions were visible in 19 patients and these were depicted as 15 masses and 12 calcification clusters. We analyzed the sensitivity, the false positive rate (FPR) and the reproducibility of the CAD marks. RESULTS: The broader sensitivities of the CAD system were 80% (12 of 15), 67% (10 of 15) for masses and those for calcification clusters were 100% (12 of 12). The strict sensitivities were 50% (15 of 30) and 50% (15 of 30) for masses and 92% (22 of 24) and 79% (19 of 24) for the clusters. The FPR for the masses was 0.21-0.22/image, the FPR for the clusters was 0.03-0.04/image and the total FPR was 0.24-0.26/image. Among 132 mammography images, the identical images regardless of the existence of CAD marks were 59% (78 of 132), and the identical images with CAD marks were 22% (15 of 69). The reproducibility of the CAD marks for the true positive mass was 67% (12 of 18) and 71% (17 of 24) for the true positive cluster. The reproducibility of CAD marks for the false positive mass was 8% (4 of 53), and the reproducibility of CAD marks for the false positive clusters was 14% (1 of 7). The reproducibility of the total mass marks was 23% (16 of 71), and the reproducibility of the total cluster marks was 58% (18 of 31). CONCLUSION: CAD system showed higher sensitivity and reproducibility of CAD marks for the calcification clusters which are related to breast cancer. Yet the overall reproducibility of CAD marks was low; therefore, the CAD system must be applied considering this limitation.

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