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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1989 Apr;25(2):297-304. Korean. Original Article.
Lim HK , Choo IW , Park SS , Han MC .

The ultrasonography is very useful in evaluation of small amount of effusion in hip joint and has severaladvantages such as noninvasiveness, easiness, accuracy and no radiation hazard. The data of normal hip joint spaceand capsule is very important in ultrasonogarphic evaluation of inflammatory hip joint disease. However, normalultrasonogaraphic data of hip joint has not been reported except in pediatric age. The purpose of this study wasto evaluate and measure normal hip joint space and capsule and to provide the basic data for the clinicalapplication. Healthy 70 males and 70 females who have had no past history and present clinical symptom of hipjoint were examined with real time sector scanner (5MHz transducer). Width of hip joint spaces and thickness ofjoint capsule were obtained and analysed by statistical analysis. The results were as follows; 1. The averagewidth of the hip joint space were 2.6±0.5mm(right), 2.5±0.5mm(left) in males and 2.4±0.5(right), 2.5±0.6mm(left) in females. There was no significant difference by sex. 2. The widths of the hip joint space wereincreased with aging and decreased after 6th decade(male) and 5th decade(female). 3. The maximal difference ofboth hip joint spaces was 1.2mm and there was no significant difference in both side by sex and age. 4. Theaverage thicknesses of hip joint capsule were 1.9±0.3mm(right), 1.8±0.2mm(left) in males and 1.7±0.3mm(right),1.7±0.2mm(left) in females. There was no significant difference by sex. 5. The thicknesses of the hip jointcapsule were increased with aging and were in plateau after 5th decade (male and female). 6. The maximaldifference of both hip joint capsules was 0.9mm and there was no signifiicant difference in both sides by sex andage. It is, therefore, considered that ultrasonography could be a very useful modality in diagnosis of hip jointdisease in which the hip joint space and the hip joint capsule are changed by various etiologies.

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