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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1980 Dec;16(2):426-432. Korean. Original Article.
Yoo MH , Rhee CS , Yim OS , Kim HS , Yoo SY .

Various methods and avalilabilitis of chest measurements in normal Korean adults and children have beenstudied by many investigators, but that in senile Korean have not been reported yet. The authors have measured ofcardiovascular system in 370 cases of Chest PA view of normal senile Korean checked at Ewha Womans UniversityHospital from April 1980 and compared with normal Korean adult for the evaluation of difference between them. Theresults were as follow; 1. In cardiac measurements; Mean value of transverse diameter of heart was 13.46cm in maleand 13.06cm infemal, cardiothoracic ratio was 0.48 in male and 0.52 female, long diameter of heart was 11.67cm inmale and 11.08cm infemale. 2. In aortic measurements,; Mean value of width of ascending aorta was 2.78cm in maleand 2.76 cm in female, width of aortic knob was 3.88 cm in male and 3.73cm in female, incidence of aorta reachedthe lower border of clavicle was 29.38% in male and 37.11% in female, length of ascending aorta ws 9.30 and 1.16in female, and calcification inaortic knob was 13.46% in male and 18.87% in female. 3. In pulmonary vessels; Meanvalue of diameter of right descending pulmonary artery was 1.49cm in male and 1.45cm in female, right hilarvascular distance was 4.34cm in male and 4.12cm in female, and left hilar vascular distance was 5.16cm in male and5.01cm in male and 5.01cm in female. 4. The results of comparison revealed significant morphological differencesof senile cardiovascular system from younger adult group and obtained effective statistical measurements.

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