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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1978 Dec;14(2):285-294. Korean. Original Article.
Han MC , Chung KB , Choi BI , Kim CW , Choo DW .

The cardiovascualr angiography is one of the confirmative diagnostic procedure in all cardiovascular diseases as well as in various neoplastic and inflammatory diseases of other organs. Authors anlyzed total 1120 cases of cardiovascular angiography that were studied in last seven years, from Aug. 1971 to July 1978, at the Dept. ofRadiology, Seoul National University Hospital. The results were as follows; 1. Among the 1120 cases, 707 patients were male and 413 cases were female. The age distribution was from one month to 69 years, but slightly more than50% of all cases were in 10 to 39 years of age. 2. Among the 1718 angiographic studies, the cardiac angiographywas 401, thoracic aortography 227, abdominal aorta and its branches 753, extremity arteriography 106, and venography including venacavography 169 cases. 3. The most frequent agniographic diagnosis was Tetralogy of Fallot(142 cases), and mitral insufficiency(69), Buerger's disease(59), hepatoma(52), Takayasu arteritis (39),left to right cardiac shunt (39), aortic insufficiency(36), renal cell carcinoma(25), combined mitral and aorticin sufficiency (19) and aortic aneurysm(19), in order of frequency. 4. During this period, total 29 failure of cardiovascular angiographic study were described. The causes were failure of arterial puncture(5 cases), cardiacarrhythmia(5), vascular tortuousity (4), severe side reaction to the contrast media(3), catheter rupture (1) andothers including mechanical factors(11). 5. Elven cases of major complications were noted. Four patients diedduring study or within 12 hours angiographic study, and the mortality rate was 0.36%. The first case was rupture of aortic aneruysm, second was cardic camponade due to myocardial perforation in Tetralogy of Fallot patient,third was pulmonary embolism in right atrial myxoma patient and the last was retroperitoneal extravasation ofcontrast media in Tetralogy of Fallot with chronic renal failure patient, Other major complicaitons were thrombosis of femoral artery(3), intraarterial knotting of catheter (2), renal artery embolism(1) and cutting of guide wiretip(1). 6. Among the 1120 cases, correct diagnosis was possible in 968 cases and the diagnostic accuracy was 86.45. Of the 29 confirmed misdiagnoses, 10 representative cases were presented. 7. The angiocardiography is a relatively safe and accurate diagnostic procedure in all cardiovascular diseases as well as other neoplastic and inflammatory diseases.

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