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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1977 Dec;13(2):379-390. Korean. Original Article.
Yim OS , Park SO , Kim HS , Lee CS .

In 100 cases of histologically proven acute appendicitis and were studies preoperative plain abdominal X-rayat department of Radiology of Ewha Womans University Hospital during the period from May, 1973 to May, 1977, theperoperative plain abdominal radiographic findings and pathological findings were observed carefully and analyzedretrospectively and compared each other. The following results were obtained : 1. The most frequent age wasdemonstrated in young adults ar 73% 2. Three most common radiographic findings are as follow ; i) Alteration ofRt. psoas outline with scoliosis (70%) ii) Air fluid level in cecum or terminal ileum (66%) iii) Increased softtissue density in RLQ (47%) 3. In perforated appendicitis, there was additional significance of extraluminal gasof radiographied findings as 52.4% andalteration of Rt. flank stripe as 47.6% 4. In abscess formation, there wasadditional significance of alteration of Rt. flank stripe and deformity of the cecum and free fluid ofradiographic findings as each 60% 5. In gangrenous appendicitis, deformity o the cecum of radiographic findings as46.2% was disclosed significance more than increased soft tissue density in RLQ as 30.8% 6. Positive radiographicfindings was seen in 88% cases and all negative findings as 12% was shown in simple appendicitis only. 7.Complication was developed more in retrocecal appendicitis as 45.4% than in antececal appendicitis as 34% and morein male as 48.6 than in female as 33.3%

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