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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1976 Dec;12(2):307-319. Korean. Original Article.
Kim YS , Choi BS , Park CY .

I-131 Hippuran renogram carried out in 105 cases consisting of 30 normal controls, 50 carcinoma of the cerix,10 hypertension with nephropathy, 11 chronic nephritis and 4 epidemic hemorrhagic fever. It was aimed to study ofclinical utilization of renogram in several renal diseases and to compare with intravenous urographic findings.The analytical methods adopted were ; Tobe Aurell and Krueger. The parameters were ; time of maximumamplitude(Tmax), half-time of maximum amplitude(T1/2), Kac and Kex value calculated from these two parameters inTobe's method, the excretion index by Aurell's defines the ratio between the maximum activity and the activitymeasured on the slope of the third phase ten minutes after it has reached maximum activity, total concentration(T.C.), minute concentration (M.C.) and minute excretion (M.E.) in Kruger's method. Results; 1. Tobe's method;Incarcinoma of the cervix, each parameters showed significant delay or decreased of T1/2 and Kex especially inpatients with stage 3 and 4. In hypertension with nephropathy Tmax and Kac are significantly delayed or decreasedand T1/2 and Kex are slightly delayed or decreased. In chronic nephritis, all parameters of Tobe's method aresignificantly delayed or decreased. In epidemic hemorrhagic fever, all cases show obstructive to non-functioningpattern of renogram. 2. Aurell's excretion index showed significantly smaller than 1.8 in patients with carcinomaof cervix, stage 3 and 4, hypertension with nephropathy and chronic nephritis. 3. In Kruager's method, totalconcentation(T.C.), minute concentation (M.C.) and minute excretion(M.E.) showed significant decrease in patientwith hypertension with nephropathy and chronic nephritis and in carcinoma of cervix stage 3 and 4, only minuteexcretion was significantly decrased. 4. There was no siginificant difference between hypertension withnephropathy and chronic nephritis in analysis of renogram by Tobe's Aurell's and Krueger's method. 5. In carcinomof cervix, 36% had an abnormal IVP and 58% had an abnormal renogram. In hypertension with nephropathy, 50% had anabnormal IVP and 70% had an abnormal renogram. In chronic nephritis, 64% had an abnormal IVP and 81% had anabnormal renogram. In epidemic hemorrhagic fever, 100% had an abnormal IVP and renogram. 6. It seems to beimportant to analyses renogram to determine renal function of each kidney in several diseases and to determineearly abnormality of renal excretory function in carcinoma of cervix.

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