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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1973 Dec;9(2):149-154. Korean. Original Article.
Kim CW , Lim JH , Kim KS .

Abnormal pelvic configuration with resultant abnormal value of acetabular angle, iliac angle and illiac indexis well known in some congenital and hereditary diseases and its measurement is valuable in establishing diagnosisin these diseases. Considereing that there is no available standard values of korean children, we measuredacetabular angles, iliac angles and iliac indices in 150 normal Korean children, 10 cases of congenitaldislocation of hip and 2 cases of mongolism. The reuslts are as follows; 1. The values of acetabular angle, iliacangle and iliac index are significantly lower than those of American children. 2. Significant increase inacetabular angle is observed in patients with congenital dislocation of hip and significant decrease in iliacindex in patients with mongolism is observed. 3. Iliac index seems to be more reliable than either of acetabularangle and iliac angle in the detection of abnormal pelvic contuor in patients with mongolism. We considred thatthe pelvic mensuration should be done in large number of normal and patients and further study in this fieldsshould be carried out.

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