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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1972 Dec;8(4):290-302. Korean. Original Article.
Kim BS , Seo KW .

Author studied the pelvimeteric values wit the X-ray pelvimetry of Colcher-Sussman method, and the features ofpelvis and fetus in 191 cases of the Korean pregnant women visited at Busan National University Hospital and BusanMaryknoll Hospital during about 5 years from January 1967 to July 1972. The patients were divided retrospectivelyinto four groups, such as A,B,C, and D, in according to the result of the delivery. Group A meant 56 cases who hadthe normal delivery. Group B meant 26 cases who had the natural spontaneous delivery with the prolonged time inthe course. Group C meant 24 cases who had the vacuum or forceps delivery with the prolonged time in the course. Group D meant 85 cases who had the cesarean operation. The results obtained were summarized as follows; (I) Themeasurements of X-ray pelvimetry for group A. (1) Pelvic inlet (i) A-P diameter; M+m=11.43+0.13 (ii) Transverse diameter ; M+m=12.57+0.10 (2) Mid-pelvis (i) A-P diameter ; M+m=11.29+0.10 (ii) Transverse diameter ;M+m=10.04+0.08 (3) Pelvic outlet (i) A-P diameter : M+m=6.93+0.11 (ii) Transverse diameter ; M+m=9.88+0.11 Theabove measurements obtained were smaller in its figures than those of Shin and Kim, and even more smaller ascompared with those of American (Table 31) (II) Comparison of Group A (normal delivery) with Group D (C-section)(1) Features of maternal pelvis (i) Flat sacrum was not seen in Group A, but 28% in Group D. (ii) Anteriorlyangulated coccyx was not seen in Group A, but 8% in Group D. (iii) Subpubic angle, smaller than 69 in degree, was14% in Group A, but 34% in group D. (2) Features of fetus (i) Right sided position of spine was 11% in Group A,but 34% in Group D. (ii) Absence of engagement was 8% in Group A, but 30% in Group D, therefore, those cases inwhich duration of pregnancy was prolonged and absence of engagement was observed, and seemed to be recommendableof the cesarean operation.

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