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J Korean Radiol Soc. 1972 Dec;8(4):249-265. Korean. Original Article.
Kim KJ , Hah HK , Choi DS .

From 1962 to 1970 about 200 abdominal aortographies were performed in department of radiology of NationalMedical Center, Seoul, Korea, with percutaneous retrograde seldinger catheterization technique. The 200 cases ofthe abdominal aortography were analyzed as followins. 1) The sex ratio of all patients was 105 (52.5%) males to 95(47.5%) females. And high incidence was noted in middle age group. (46 patients were from 30 years to 40 years ofage) 2) Radiological findings were grouped as 62 (31%) vascular lesions, 113 (56.5%) visceral or other expandinglesions and 29 (14.5%) angiographically nonspecific findings. Total is over 200 due to double lesions in 4patients. 3) The 62 vascular lesions were composed of 40 aortitis, 28 renal hypertension, etc. a) The 40 aortitiswas divided into 25 atherosclerotic and 15 nonspecific. The 15 onspecific aortitis revealed segmental narrowing(2-4cm) with collaterals. b) In 28 renal hypertension, 17 cases were combined with aortitis, but not in 11 case(Pure renal hypertension), and 19 cases were unilateral. 4) The highest incidence in 113 (56.5%) visceral or otherexpanding lesions, was renal lesions (88 cases), and other lesions, such as 12 retroperitoneal masses, 9 liver andpancreatic masses were also noted. The 88 renal lesions were composed of 37 renal tbc., 17 hydronephrosis(excluding tbc. hydro), Tumors, 10 cyst etc. a) The most significant findings of renal tuberculosis in renalarteriography was rarefaction of contrast staining in involved area which was noted in 32 cases (87%) out of 37renal Tuberculosis. b) All 12 hypernephroma, 1 wilm's tumor, metastatic tumor from fibromyomata uteri revealedpathological vessels and tumor staining, however these findings were not noted in 2 ureteral carcinoma involvingrenal pelvis. 5) No permanent complications arose after abdominal aortography. (Percutaneous retrograde seldingercatheterization technique) 6) Abnormal Aortography and Selective Visceral Injections gave more diagnosis than anyother radiological examinations in detecting some lesions which coule not be approached with other radiologicalexaminations.

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