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J Korean Acad Nurs. 2001 Apr;31(2):221-231. Korean. Original Article.
Lim NY , Kang HS , Lee SE , Suh YO , Kwon YE .
Department of Nursing, Hanyang University.
College of Nursing Science, Kyunghee University.
Department of Nursing, Kwandong University.
Department of Nursing, Soonchunhang University.
Department of Nursing, Seoul Health College .

This study was conducted by analyzing all 33 articles based on the LISREL, published from January 1991 to March 1999 in Korea. The analyses consisted of the publication date of articles, principal dependent variables, subjects of the research, adequacy of sampling, adequacy of research purposes and results, accordance between theoretical model and hypothetical model, fit measures, theoretical base of model modification, and adequacy of conclusion. The results were as follows : The thesis of 33 articles in total were outnumbered as 25 (75.8%) to 8 (24.2%) research articles. As for a sex classification of the subjects, 45.5% of the research were conducted around a female group of subjects, while 54.5% were done for both sex, The range of the sample size was 105 to 803, and the average was 259 subjects. A single theoretical variable was measured for each measurement variable, any difference between variables was hardly found in 8 articles (24.2%), and 19 articles (57.6%) did not consider any measurement error. To analyze if the representative has been considered while collecting the data, most data were collected by a convenient sampling. Seven articles (21.2%) were seen with a sign of a representative. Questionnaires were used in a majority (31 articles) of the data collecting process. Only 2 articles (6.1%) were measured with a physiologic index simultaneously. 14 articles (42.2%) were centered on theory development, 10 articles on theory synthesis, and 9 articles on theory test. The research purposes and results were consistent in 25 articles (75.5%) and 8 articles (24.2%) were inconsistent. The quality of life and health promotion behavior were the concepts most frequently studied as a dependent variable, and 7 articles centered on them. In applied theories a health promotion model was used on 4 articles (12.1%), while role theory and stress-coping models were in 3 articles respectively. The articles were analyzed to see if the hypothetical model was elaborated and tested by the theoretical model. Twenty-five articles proved to be rationale for the inconsistencies. Also, 56.5% proposed hypotheses were supported among the subject articles, and 30 articles (90.0%) suggested a revised model. Path coefficient (17 articles) and theoretical adequacy (17 articles) were the standards mostly used. In conclusion, the principal factors were obtained from the research are to be considered as the principes of LISREL application. First, a model has to be established on a theoretical base rather than empirical results dependent on the data. The results are also required to be globally interpreted. Secondly, at least 200 samples are necessary to satisfy the need. Third, more than 3 measurement variables are to be adjusted to a single theoretical variable; the measurement errors must be suggested as well. Finally, normal distribution characteristics of the data and the estimation method need to be reported. Based on the research result, the follows are suggested; Systematic criteria on the LISREL application and procedure need to be developed Agreement form is required to report the results of research using the LISREL

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