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J Korean Acad Fam Med. 2008 Dec;29(12):915-924. Korean. Original Article.
Kang CK , Lee MS , Kim UY , Park H , Yun JS .
Department of Family Medicine, Jeoung-Eup Asan Hospital, Jeongeup, Korea.

BACKGROUND: This study used MDS-HC 2.0 (Minimum Data Set-Home Care) to analyze the health and the state of function of the traveling health objects. This study was intended to make use of it with the basic materials for providing them with traveling health service suited for the requirement on the health of the traveling health objects. METHODS: The subjects of this study were 1160 people (over 65 years) living under management control of local Health Center from September 7th to October 3th, 2006. This study was analyzed with inter RAI program & SPSS/WIN 10.0, chi-square -test, t-test, and ANOVA. RESULTS: The result showed that 8.97 CAPs per an elderly person was identified and the subjects over 60% had an injury problem from a fall, health prevention service, vision, IADL, pain, and cognition. The number of CAPs in general was high in higher age and the less educated, and those without a job. But, in subjects that had a life partner and a spouse, the number of CAPs was low. In CAPs by the distinction of sex, CAPs which was much more in man than women in statistics were the improvement of health, the abuse of alcohol and drinking wine, bedsore, and the weak supply system. CAPs which women had much more were the function of the heart and the lungs, pain, the performance of the doctor's advice, health prevention service, and incontinence of urine and insertion of catheter. According to the results comparing CAPs by the level of the ADL, the number of CAPs was shown that the group of ADL 2 was higher than group ADL 1. The matter in which the traveling health service had to be applied in all both ADL1 and ADL2 was injury from a fall, health prevention service, and vision. Conculsion: MDS-HC is applicable to decide the care needs for health and social service supplies. The results can be further applicable for careplan, and referral criteria in continuum of care service over long-term care spectrums.

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