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J Korean Acad Fam Med. 2001 Dec;22(12):1814-1822. Korean. Original Article.
Park SB .
Department of Family Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Ajou, Kyunggido, Korea

BACKGROUND: This research has been performed to recognize their current attention on the purpose further improvement and management of health understanding co - relation between working and stress through the survey of smoking and alcohol drinking as an object of salary men and women. METHODS: The questionnaire toward the their general situation and interest of health status (smoking alcohol drinking, stress, joy and sadness) was distributed and surveyed as an object of full members of hospital which is located at Suwon in 1999. The form of the Questionnaire was comfortable answer, multiple choice which was composed of 125 question. The object of survey was all members of hospital (about 1940 person). However, finally 483 person was recommended among collected 492 pieces out of distributed 600 pieces. RESULTS: The age range of objects was 21-64 years old. Average age was 31 years old, male was 175 persons (36.2%) and female was 308 persons (63.8%). Smoking rate per sex was that female was 2 Person (0.7%) among 299 persons and male was 118 person (68.2%) among 173 persons. Thirties of age group was the most majorities as 78 person among 120 smokers. The reason for smoking is that habit was 79 persons (52.0%) next to relief of stress was 51 persons (33.6%). There was significant differences (p<0.05) whether present health due to smoking affects future health Alcohol drinking rate is 75.937f (30 poisons). There is no sexual differences. (M: 76.3%, F: 75.7%) Dining together a primary reason of alcohol drinking is 222 persons (65.1%), next to stress is 92 persons (27.0%). 146 persons considered that alcohol drinking is helpful for life. However 63 persons (19.67f) was concerned that alcohol drinking affected health and 197 persons (61.6%) agreed that alcohol drinking affected health not now for the future. It is proved that there is significant differences whether present status of health affects future one of those.356 patients (78.5%) answered that they are stressed at present showed especially significant high rate to female (p<0.01). 287 Patients (64.37) considered that there is an abnormal symptoms due to stress. There is significant relation between stress and health (r =0.46, p<0.01). 279 persons answered that company is an object of stress whether 48 persons is family as that. 322 persons (74.4%) considered that stress of working (family) affects family (working) showed that there is significant differences (p<0.01).353 persons (83.57) answered that stress is worst to health among stress , smoking, alcohol drinking. However, it is not significant differences statistical that there is relation between stress, smoking, alcohol drinking by sex and age. CONCLUSION: Stress was no relation to smoking and alcohol drinking. It might be considered that stress is worst to health than smoking and alcohol drinking. It affects health abnormally.

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