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J Korean Acad Fam Med. 1997 Sep;18(9):953-962. Korean. Original Article.
Kim SH , Kim BY , Kim YJ , Lee JA , Cho JH .

BACKGROUND: Many women have experienced artificial abortion, but artificial abortion itself may take a life away from a fetus and also influence serious effect on operated womens health condition. So this study was attempted to offer basic information for improving maternity health condition by knowing womens artificial abortion performance status and recognition about its complication. METHODS: The 215 married women who visited in OPD of certain hospital in Pusan from november 1994 to January 1995, answered the question about experience of artifial abortion the recognition about its complication, and artificial abortioned group answered the reason of artificial abortion and the experience of complication. RESULTS: The number of women who experienced artificial abortion was 107 persons(49.8%). More educated women have experienced less artificial abortion. The causes of artificial abortion were birth control as of 40.6%, continuation of occupation or study as of 20.6%, for preserving health condition as of 14.2%, impossible marriage as of 14.2%. 115 persons out of 215 persons (53.4% ) answered they heard about, its complicatons. In relation to health, 66 persons(30.7% ) answered that the abortion had no relation with health condition or they answered they have no idea about the issue, 68 persons(31.6%) answered that the abortion had relation with but its complication would be soon recovered. Higher understanding was obtained in higher educated group(P<0.05). If unwanted pregnancy occur to them in the future, 32 persons(27.8%) in recognized group and 38 persons(38%) in unrecognized group answered they would perform artificial abortion. So understanding about complicaton of artificial abortion has little effect on their artificial abortion rate. CONCLUSIONS: Recognition of complications of married women is low, and recognition degree doesnt affect artificial abortion. So, not only education about complications of artificial abortion and contraception but also social performance of sharing womens responsibility for birth control or bringing up infants is necessary.

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