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J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001 Sep;31(3):641-649. Korean. Original Article.
Cho IH , Kim HC , Park JM , Chang MT , Kim HS .
Department of Periodontology and Researc h Institute of Oral Bio-Science College of Dentistry, Chonbuk National University, Korea.

The aim of present study was to assess the thickness of masticatory mucosa on the hard palate and tuberosity as a potential donor site for mucogingival surgery. Thickness measurement was performed in 30 dental college students who are periodontally healthy, with a recently developed, ultrasonic device(SDM). The mean age of study subjects was 23.7(range 21-29) years old and the subjects were composed of 18 males and 12 females. Eighteen standard measurement points were defined on the hard palate, located on 3 lines which ran at different distances parallel to the gingival margin. Six positions were designated on each of these 3 lines between the level of the canine and the second molar. On the tuberosity, 6 standard measurement points were defined, located on 2 lines running parallel to the gingival margin at different distances. Data were analyzed to determine differences in gender, between different positions, and between lines, by an analysis of variance. The results showed that the mucosa of the tuberosity was significantly thicker than that of the hard palate region. Gender did not influence the thickness of masticatory mucosa, either on the hard palate or the tuberosity. On the hard palate, mucosa thickness increased as the distance from the marginal gingiva increased. The mucosa over the palatal root of the maxillary first molar was significantly thinner than that at all other positions on the hard palate. Measurement error at palate was 0.25mm, at tuberosity 0.51mm. No difference in the thickness of masticatory mucosa on palate and tuberosity was found between men and women. On the hard palate, soft tissue thickness progressively increased in sites further from the gingival margin. Therefore, we may harvest more thicker graft on the tuberosity that has more masticatory mucosa thickness than hard palate, however the width may not be sufficient for using.

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