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J Lab Med Qual Assur. 2009 Jun;31(1):99-104. Korean. Review.
Kwon SW , Kim DW , Han KS , Kim HO , Seo JS , Cha YJ , Jeon DS , Ryang DW , Yang HJ , Lim YA , Kwon KC , Lee SH , Hwang YS , Kang SH .
Blood Bank Subcommittee, The Korea Association of Quality Assurance for Clinical Laboratory, Seoul, Korea.

We report here the results of surveys for external quality assessment of blood bank tests performed in 2008. Survey specimens were sent three times to 460, 470 and 473 participant institutes, and the response rates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trial were 97.6%, 97.7%, and 97.7%, respectively. Test items for the surveys were ABO grouping, Rh (D) typing, crossmatching, direct antiglobulin test, antibody screening and antibody identification test. The average accuracy rates of ABO grouping and Rh typing were 100% and 98.3-100%, respectively. In crossmatching test, the accuracy rates were 97.5-99.7% for the compatible samples, 92.4-99.2% for the incompatible samples, and 88.2-98.9% for the samples which could be detected as incompatible only by antiglobulin method. The accuracy rates of direct antiglobulin test were 98.4-99.7% for negative samples and 93.4-99.7% for positive samples. The correct results were reported by 99.6-100% of the surveyed institutions for antibody screening test and 98.2-100% for antibody identification test. Twenty-three institutions gave repeatedly incorrect answers for crossmatching test. Ten institutions out of them gave incorrect answers for all the test specimens sent out 3 times last year.

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