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Korean J Phys Anthropol. 2002 Sep;15(3):197-203. Korean. Original Article.
Yoo YB .
Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, Dankook University, Korea.

It is suggested that calbindin buffers the concentration of intracellular calcium as the calcium binding protein in the cell. In the neurodegerative disease such as Parkinsonian disease, Huntington 'disease, Alzheimer 'disease there is some change of calbindin. The calcium mediated neurotoxicity begins due to the decrease of calbindin gene in those disease. In this study the substantia nigra of the normal rat is immunostained with anti -calbindin antibody, the morphological characteristics and distribution of calbindin positive neurons are studied to confirm the suggestive neuroprotective role of calbindin in the Parkinsonian disease. In the substantia nigra tissues of rats, calbindin was immunostained in the cell body and cellular processes of the polygonal or ovoid neurons. The calbindin immumostained neurons were distributed mainly in the substantia nigra lateralis than substantia nigra compacta and have even distribution from cephalic section to caudal section. The degree of calbindin -immunostaining was similar from medial area to lateral area, from ventral area to dorsal area in the one section of substantia nigra. These results support the potentiative neuroprotective role of calbindin in the Parkinsonian disease.

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