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J Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofac Assoc. 2009 Oct;10(2):61-66. Korean. Original Article.
Bae TH , Yu Y , Kim WS , Kim HK .
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, College of Medicine, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea.

PURPOSE: The aim of this study is to establish anatomical dimension of the nose and nostril shape in Korean twenties. METHODS: Authors measured anthropometry of nose in Korean youths 1,000 individuals(male 363, female 637) and analyzed stastically them. RESULTS: The mean measurements are as follows. 1. The shape of nostrils was classified into 7 types by the angle between both long axis of nostril(male/ female). Type I(<40degrees)1.7%/1.72%, Type II(41-70degrees) 26.17%/29.35%, Type III(71-100degrees) 39.94%/ 38.77%, Type IV(unclassified) 3.85% /5.80%, Type V(101- 130degrees) 20.93%/17.89%, Type VI(131-180degrees) 7.43%/ 5.96%, Type VII(>180degrees) 0%/0.47%. 2. Lengths(male/female). Width of nasal root: 25.29+/-2.25mm/24.72+/-2.40mm, Width of nose: 37.63+/-2.46mm/34.77+/-2.11mm, Width of columella: 7.18+/-0.92mm/6.92+/-0.86mm, Width of alar: 4.99+/-1.00mm/4.74+/-0.91mm, Width of nostril floor: 10.98+/-1.40mm/10.13+/-1.73mm, Protrusion of nasal tip: 17.12+/-1.95mm/16.88+/-1.84mm, Length of alar: 27.10+/-2.21mm/24.66+/-2.18mm, Length of nasal root: 17.37+/-2.51mm/16.08+/-2.90mm, Depth of nasal root: 7.83+/-1.63mm/6.82+/-1.36mm, Length of columella: 8.13+/-1.40mm/7.30+/-1.46mm, Height of nose: 60.50+/-8.90mm/59.14+/-9.22mm, Height of nasal bridge: 52.68+/-7.49mm/50.57+/-7.71mm. 3.Angles. Nasofacial angle: 30.19+/-3.43degrees/29.13+/-6.31degrees, Nasofrontal angle: 134.88+/-7.25degrees/139.94+/-6.33degrees, Nasolabial angle: 95.08+/-8.95degrees/95.80+/-8.93degrees. 4.Nasal index: 72.60+/-9.57%/68.21+/-7.03%, Nasal tip protrusion-nasal height index: 45.64+/-5.21% /47.09+/- 5.21%, Nasal tip protrusion-nasal width index: 32.61+/-6.83% /31.63+/-6.71% CONCLUSION: These data could be useful reference for anthropometry of nose in Korean twenties.

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