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J Bacteriol Virol. 2009 Dec;39(4):373-382. Korean. Original Article.
Choi KS , Jeon WJ , Park MJ , Lee EK , Kwon JH .
Avian Diseases Division, National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service, Anyang, Korea.

Avian metapneumovirus (AMPV) is an emerging pathogen causing respiratory and reproductive illness in poultry worldwide. To demonstrate the presence of AMPV in domestic chickens in Korea, we attempted to isolate AMPV from affected chickens. A cytopathic agent was isolated using chicken tracheal ring culture from dead chickens from a broiler breeder farm with reduced egg production in Korea. This agent, termed SC1509 strain, subsequently passed in Vero cells with distinct cytopathic effects. The SC1509 strain was confirmed as avian metapneumovirus (AMPV) using both RT-PCR test and monoclonal antibody-based immunofluorescence assay. Sequence analysis based on the G glycoprotein revealed that the SC1509 strain had 22.5 to 96.0% nucleotide sequence identity and 11.1 to 92.7% predicted amino acid sequence identity with previously published AMPV strains, particularly with the highest sequence homology (95.8 to 96% for nucleotides and 92.2 to 92.7% for amino acids) to European strains belonging to genotype B. The SC1509 strain was phylogenetically clustered with genotype B viruses, confirming that the SC1509 strain belongs to genotype B. This is the first report of genotype B avian metapneumovirus from chickens in Korea.

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