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Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2007 Jun;41(3):241-246. Korean. Original Article.
Lee HJ , Jeong JM , Lee YS , Kim HW , Lee EK , Lee DS , Chung JK , Lee MC .
Department of Nuclear Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
Clinical Research Institute, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
Cancer Research Institute, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

PURPOSE: [11C]6-OH-BTA-1 ([N-methyl-11C]2-(4'-methylaminophenyl)-6-hydroxybenzothiazole, 1), a -amyloid imaging agent for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease in PET, can be labeled with higher yield by a simple loop method. During the synthesis of [11C]1, we found the formation of by-products in various solvents, e.g., methylethylketone (MEK), cyclohexanone (CHO), diethylketone (DEK), and dimethylformamide (DMF). MATERIALS AND METHODS: In Automated radiosynthesis module, 1 mg of 4-aminophenyl-6-hydroxybenzothiazole (4) in 100 l of each solvent was reacted with [11C]methyl triflate in HPLC loop at room temperature (RT). The reaction mixture was separated by semi-preparative HPLC. Aliquots eluted at 14.4, 16.3 and 17.6 min were collected and analyzed by analytical HPLC and LC/MS spectrometer. RESULTS: The labeling efficiencies of [11C]1 were 86.0+/-5.5%, 59.7+/-2.4%, 29.9+/-1.8%, and 7.6+/-0.5% in MEK, CHO, DEK and DMF, respectively. The LC/MS spectra of three products eluted at 14.4, 16.3 and 17.6 mins showed m/z peaks at 257.3 (M+1), 257.3 (M+1) and 271.3 (M+1), respectively, indicating their structures as 1, 2-(4'-aminophenyl)-6-methoxybenzothiazole (2) and by-product (3), respectively. Ratios of labeling efficiencies for the three products ([11C]1:[11C]2:[11C]3) were 86.0+/-5.5%:5.0+/-3.4%:1.5+/-1.3% in MEK, 59.7+/-2.4%:4.7+/-3.2%:1.3+/-0.5% in CHO, 9.9+/-1.8%:2.0+/-0.7%:0.3+/-0.1% in DEK and 7.6+/-0.5%:0.0%:0.0% in DMF, respectively. CONCLUSION: The labeling efficiency of [11C]1 was the highest when MEK was used as a reaction solvent. As results of mass spectrometry, 1 and 2 were conformed. 3 was presumed.

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