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Korean J Anat. 1997 Dec;30(6):649-657. Korean. Original Article.
Lee IS , Lee HS , Won MH , Seo JH , Kang TC .

The localizations and morphological characteristics of gonadotropes in the adenohypophy-sis of Korean native goat were investigated with double immunohistochemistry. The gonadotropes were present in the pars distalis and pars tuberalis, but not in the pars intermedta. Gonadotropes occupied about 49.0% of the cells in the pars distalis in females, and about 40.8% in males. Three types of gonadotropes ; FSH immunoreactive cells[FSH cells], LH immunoreac-tive cells[LH cells], and FSH and LH immunoreactive cells[FSH/LH cell], were identified according to their immunoreactivities for FSH and LH antisera. The possessional perce-ntages of FSH cells, LH cells and FSH/LH cells were 1.1%, 40.6%, 58.3% in females and 1.8%, 30.0%, 68.8% in males, respectively. FSH/LH cells were large and oval or round in shape. These cells were distributed throughout the pars distalis, but were more abundant on the dorsal part adjacent to the hypophyseal cavity and along the lateral and ventral peripheral regions. LH cells were smaller than other gonadotropes and were observed throughout the pars distalis, but predominant in the central region. FSH cells were large and oval in shape. These cells were intercalated between FSH/LH cells.

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