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Korean J Lab Med. 2005 Jun;25(3):192-198. English. Original Article.
Yoon HK , Kim JK , Cho HJ , Cho MY , Park YP , You KH , Kim JW , Yoon DY , Choe YK , Lee HG .
Laboratory of Cell Biology, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), Korea.
Department of Biology, Graduated School, Chungnam National University, Korea.
Department of Laboratory Medicine, Dankook University College of Medicine, Cheonan, Korea.

BACKGROUND: Bcl-2 family proteins play a central role in regulating apoptosis. In human, over 20 members of this family have been identified to date. Bfl-1, a member of the Bcl-2 family, has been known to retard apoptosis in various cell lines. However, the function of Bfl-1 remains unclear. METHODS: In order to investigate the Bfl-1 function, we employed yeast two-hybrid system to identify the proteins which are capable of interacting with Bfl-1. The interaction of inhibitor kappaB kinase-beta (IKK-beta) and Bfl-1 was confirmed using glutathione S-transferase pull down assays. To determine which regions of IKK-beta were required for interaction with Bfl-1, we constructed 12 deletion mutants of IKK-beta and 5 deletion mutants of Bfl-1. RESULTS: Bfl-1 interacted with the C-terminal region of IKK-beta which is a subunit of IKK complex, and IKK-beta activity is very important in the NF-kappaB related pathway. In addition, the amino acids 673-745 of IKK-beta were important for Bfl-1 interactions, and amino acids 1-484 of Bfl-1, including Bcl-2 homology domains (BH1, BH2, BH3, BH4), were crucial for IKK-beta interactions. CONCLUSIONS: IKK beta C-terminus contains many serine residues as binding partner of Bfl-1. Our results suggested that Bfl-1 is involved in the NF-kappaB activation through interaction of IKK-beta and Bfl-1. Further studies need to be performed to understand functions of the IKK-beta and Bfl-1 associated with the regulation of the NF-kappaB activation pathway.

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