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J Korean Soc Plast Reconstr Surg. 2002 Jul;29(4):253-258. Korean. Original Article.
Han K , Won D , Ha TW .
Deparment of Plasic and Reconstructive Surgery, Keimyung University School of Medicine, Taegu, Korea.

In cryptotia the upper part of the auricle is buried beneath the temporal scalp, so the upper auriculocephalic sulcus is absent and auricular cartilage deformity is accompanied. The goals of surgical correction of cryptotia are to release the upper ear from temporal scalp to restore auriculocephalic sulcus, and to correct the cartilage deformity. Authors have experienced 23 auricles in 14 patients with cryptotia to correct cryptotia using lotus flower shaped V-Y advancement flap for the upper auricular skin deficiency and scoring for cartilage deformity. Lotus flower shaped flap is designed above superior pole of auricle. Designed flap has wider lower third than conventional V-Y flap. After complete exposure of upper auricular cartilage, cartilage deformity is corrected by scorings on lateral surface of the scapha and medial surface of the superior crus of antihelix. For construction of auriculocephalic sulcus, the flap is advanced inferiorly about 1 cm and 3 stab incisions on the flap are made at the expected auriculocephalic sulcus. The cinch suture is done between dermal layer of the stab incisions and auriculocephalic sulcus cartilage with 4-0 Prolene . Packing gauze is tied at corrected scapha for contour maintenance. A satisfactory contour of scapha and antihelical crus and deep auriculocephalic sulcus were maintained postoperatively. However, hypertrophic scar formation was found due to tension. Our method is similar to Ono's method in triangular flap shape. But the lotus flower shaped flap has wider lower 1/3 than Ono's triangular flap and provides sufficient skin for formation of auriculocephalic sulcus without additional rhomboid flap elevation in front of the ear.

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