Clin Pain.  2020 Dec;19(2):70-79. 10.35827/cp.2020.19.2.70.

Immobilization Effect and Abdominal Pressure of Newly-Developed Lumbosacral Spinal Orthosis during Task Performance

  • 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Veterans Health Service Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
  • 2Veterans Medical Research Institute, Veterans Health Service Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
  • 3Center of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Veterans Health Service Medical Center, Seoul, Korea


We evaluated the efficacy of a newly-developed spinal orthoses (V-LSO) by comparing the stabilizing effect, abdominal pressure, and comfort of 3 different semirigid LSOs (classic LSO, V-LSO, and Cybertech ) during various body movements.
Thirty healthy volunteers (23∼47 years, 24 males, 6 females) were selected. A dual inclinometer measured the range of motion (ROM) while the participants performed flexion/extension and lateral flexion of the lumbar spine with 3 LSOs. The LSO’s pressure on the abdominal surface was measured using 9 pressure sensors while lying, sitting, standing, flexion/extension, lateral flexion, axial rotation, and lifting a box. Comfort and subjective immobilization were analyzed by a questionnaire.
V-LSO had a statistically significant effect on flexion over Cybertech . No significant differences were noted during extension and lateral flexion between the 3 LSOs. The abdominal pressure showed no significant differences while supine. While sitting, standing, and lifting a box, the mean abdominal pressure for V-LSO were significantly higher than those for Cybertech . During lumbar flexion, the mean abdominal pressures for classic LSO and V-LSO were significantly higher than that of Cybertech . For extension, lateral flexion and axial rotation, the abdominal pressure for V-LSO was significantly higher than those of classic LSO and Cybertech . In the subjective analysis, V-LSO and Cybertech scored best for comfort.
The V-LSO and Cybertech were more comfortable than the classic LSO, and hence, may have improved compliance with decreased discomfort. V-LSO may be superior to the other LSOs in restricting lumbar movement and increasing intraabdominal pressure.


Orthotic devices; Pressure; Range of motion; Surveys and questionnaires
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