J Korean Acad Prosthodont.  2001 Feb;39(1):58-70.

A clinical study on the retention of maxillary complete denture with different denture base materials


For the successful treatment of complete denture, obtaining a good retention is essential. There are lots of factors affecting denture retention. Denture material, one of those factors affecting denture retention, was the subject of this study, and internal surface treatment also considered for the method of enhancing denture retention. Two resin(Lucitone 199(R)(heat cured resin). Vertex CP(R)(self cured resin)) and two metal(Biosil(R)(Co-Cr alloy), Vitallium(R)(Co-Cr alloy)) denture base materials were used for making test denture base. Newly developed device was for measuring denture retention. After the retention was measured. We treated internal surface of test denture base with 50micrometer Al2o3 powder, under 90psi, for 1 minute. Then the retention was measured again. The result was analyzed with K-S test, one-way ANOVA test and independent t-test to determine the significant differences as the 95% level of confidence. The results are as follows: In cases of without internal surface treatment, the retention was increased in order of Vitallium(R), Biosil(R), Vertex CP(R) and Lucitone 199(R). Except between Vertex CP(R) and Biosil(R), retention of the other materials was significantly different (p<0.05). After the treatment of internal surface, the retention was increased in order of Vitallium(R), Biosil(R), Lucitone 199(R), Vertex CP(R). Except between Lucitone 199(R) and Vertex CP(R), Vitallium(R) and Biosil(R), the retention of remaining groups was significantly different each other (p<0.05). In the matter of each material, after the internal surface treatment the retention was increased with Vertex CP(R), Biosil(R) and Vitallium(R) and the value of differences were statistically significant. When we compare the retention of resin and metal denture base, the retention of both denture bases increased significantly with internal surface treatment, and resin denture base showed better retention. As the results show, selecting denture base material could be an important choice of complete denture treatment. To increase denture retention, internal surface treatment can be considered as a possible method.

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