Ann Dermatol.  2008 Mar;20(1):14-17. 10.5021/ad.2008.20.1.14.

Angiomatoid Spitz Nevus

  • 1Department of Dermatology, College of Medicine, Dong-A University, Busan, Korea.


Spitz nevus is a variant of melanocytic nevus which is histopathologically defined as large spindle and/or epithelioid cells. Angiomatoid Spitz nevus is a rare histologic variant of desmoplastic Spitz nevus characterized by prominent vasculature. We present a case of angiomatoid Spitz nevus, celluar type, that has not been reported before. We provide another example to show the remarkable diversity of Spitz nevus.


Angiomatoid spitz nevus; Desmoplastic spitz nevus; Spindle and/or epithelioid cells

MeSH Terms

Epithelioid Cells
Nevus, Epithelioid and Spindle Cell
Nevus, Pigmented


  • Fig. 1 A 0.8 × 0.8 × 0.6 cm pink, slightly pigmented dome-shaped papule on the auricle of the right ear.

  • Fig. 2 There was epidermal thinning with a partial epidermal collarette and tumor cells involving the full thickness of the dermis without epidermal involvement (A-inset) (H&E, original magnification × 10). Numerous small and large sized blood vessels are present in the upper and deep portion of the dermis (A) (H&E, original magnification × 200). Many spindle and epithelioid cells with abundant melanin granules are embedded in a desmoplastic stroma (B) (H&E, original magnification × 40). Small sized thick walled blood vessels are present in dermis (C) (H&E, original magnification × 400).

  • Fig. 3 Immunostaining for S-100 protein showed a positive reaction within the nevus cells (A), HMB-45 staining was partially positive within upper dermal nests (B), Factor VIII and CD34 was positive within blood vessels, respectively (C, D) (original magnification × 100).


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