Korean J Occup Environ Med.  1998 May;10(2):214-226.

Relationship Between Fatigue Symptomes and Life Style Factors Among Industrial Workers

  • 1Department of Preventive Medicine & Public Health, College of Medicine, Chungnam National University, Korea.


For the purpose of obtaining reference materials for the prevention and management of mental health promoting in industrial workers, this survey was investigated the relationship between subjective fatigue symptoms and its related factors such as demographic, job and health related variables. 442 cases of industrial workers which occurred in 7 factories of machine an4 metal manufacturing industrial in Taejon industrial area surveyed by self-recorded questionnaire. The results were as follows : 1. In the complaint raters of fatigue, "eye strain" was the highest (21.9%) and followed by "feel like tying" (12.4%) and "feel a pain in the low back" (12.4%), "feel drowsy" (12.2%), "yawning a lot"(11.8%) and "whole body feels tired" (11.1%) in the descending order. 2. In the average weighted scores of fatigue complaints, dullness and steepness group (I) was the highest, followed by difficulty in concentration group(II) and bodily projection of fatigue group(III) in the descending order. 3. The average weighted scores of fatigue complaints by general characteristics were significantly higher in the lower age group, lower education group and unmarried divorce group. But there was no significant difference in sex. 4. By the working condition, the fatigue scores were significantly higher in manual worker and shift worker than in clerical worker and day worker. 5. By the life style, the fatigue scores were significantly lower in 7-8 sleeping hour group and every day eating breakfast group than in other groups. But fatigue score of everyday alcohol drinking group and the lower health practice indecies group were significantly higher than that of other groups. 6. By the health status and psychological factors, the fatigue scores were higher in unhealthy group, unsatisfaction income level group, unsatisfaction worker contents group and the group of badly self-control in work. 7. In the stepwised multiple regression, factors affecting the fatigue symptoms scores were depression symptom score, health status, marital status, job satisfaction, job repeatedness and body mass index.


Fatigue symptomes; Life style factors; Industrial workers

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Alcohol Drinking
Body Mass Index
Job Satisfaction
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