Brain Neurorehabil.  2015 Mar;8(1):29-33. 10.12786/bn.2015.8.1.29.

Cognitive Rehabilitation of Dementia

  • 1Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Gachon University School of Medicine, Korea.


Cognitive rehabilitation refers to the cognition-based approaches that aim to induce people with cognitive impairment to achieve or maintain an optimal level of psychological and social functioning. Many models and definitions of cognitive rehabilitation exist. In this review, cognitive rehabilitation would be briefly reviewed as three categories; cognitive stimulation, cognitive training and cognitive rehabilitation. Cognitive stimulation is a range of group activities and discussions targeting general enhancement of cognitive and social functioning. Cognitive training is guided practice of standardized cognitive task-sets according to the individual levels. Cognitive rehabilitation is an individual approach using rehabilitation strategy for cognitively disabled person. Goal-setting is essential and emphasis is on improving performance in everyday life.


cognitive therapy; dementia; rehabilitation

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Cognitive Therapy
Disabled Persons


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