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Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of a TW3-based fully automated bone age assessment system using deep neural networks

Shin NY, Lee BD, Kang JH, Kim HR, Oh DH, Lee BI, Kim SH, Lee MS, Heo MS

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy of a Tanner-Whitehouse 3 (TW3)-based fully automated bone age assessment system on hand-wrist radiographs of Korean children and...
Influence of three BALB/c substrain backgrounds on the skin tumor induction efficacy to DMBA and TPA cotreatment

Kang MJ, Gong JE, Kim JE, Choi HJ, Bae SJ, Seo MS, Kim KS, Jung YS, Cho JY, Lim Y, Hwang DY

Differences in responsiveness of BALB/c substrains have been investigated in various fields, including diabetes induction, corpus callosum deficiency, virus-induced demyelinating disease, aggressive behavior and osteonecrosis. However, induction efficacy of skin...
Is the Agricultural Work a Risk Factor for Koreans Elderly Spinal Sagittal Imbalance?

Hong JH, Han MS, Lee SK, Lee JK, Moon BJ

Objective : A primary degenerative sagittal imbalance has been considered because of unique lifestyles such as the prolonged crouched posture during agricultural work and performing activities of daily living on...
A Case of Sarcoidosis Associated with Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria

Seok SH, Shin JU, Kim HJ, Lee HJ, Yoon MS, Kim DH

  • KMID: 2505563
  • Korean J Dermatol.
  • 2020 Aug;58(7):483-486.
Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disease of unknown etiology. A range of factors including tuberculous infection, beryllium exposure, and cold climate have been implicated in the pathogenesis of the condition....
Beta-blocker Therapy at Discharge in Patients with Acute Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation

Ahn MS, Yoo BS, Son JW, Yu MH, Kang DR, Lee HY, Jeon ES, Kim JJ, Chae SC, Baek SH, Kang SM, Choi DJ, Kim KH, Cho MC, Kim SY

Background: β-blockers (BBs) are considered primary therapy in stable heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) without atrial fibrillation (AF); evidence-based benefits of BB on outcome have been documented....
Ischemic Colitis due to Fibromuscular Dysplasia Limited to the Inferior Mesenteric Artery: A Case Report

Park JH, Kwon HJ, Chang KS, Kang KA, Kim MS

Fibromuscular dysplasia is a nonatheromatous, noninflammatory arterial disorder that results in stenosis and/or aneurysm formation and rarely involves the mesenteric arteries. Herein, we report a case of fibromuscular dysplasia limited...
The KAAACI/KDA Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines for Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria in Korean Adults and Children: Part 1. Definition, Methodology and First-line Management

Song WJ, Choi M, Lee DH, Kwon JW, Kim GW, Kim MH, Kim MA, Kim MH, Kim BK, Kim S, Kim JS, Kim JE, Kim JY, Kim JH, Kim HJ, Kim HO, Kim HB, Roh JY, Park KH, Park KY, Park HK, Park H, Bae JM, Byun JY, Song DJ, Ahn YM, Lee SE, Lee YB, Lee JS, Lee JH, Lim KH, Ye YM, Chang YS, Jeon YH, Jeon J, Jue MS, Choi SH, Choi JH, Hur GY, Park YM, Lim DH, Youn SW

Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) is defined as the occurrence of spontaneous wheals, angioedema, or both for >6 weeks in the absence of specific causes. It is a common condition associated...
Psychological Impact of Quarantine on Caregivers at a Children's Hospital for Contact with Case of COVID-19

Kim H, Park KJ, Shin YW, Lee JS, Chung S, Lee T, Kim MJ, Jung J, Lee J, Yum MS, Lee BH, Koh KN, Ko TS, Lim E, Lee JS, Lee JY, Choi JY, Han HM, Shin WA, Lee NJ, Kim SH, Kim HW

Quarantine often provokes negative psychological consequences. Thus, we aimed to identify the psychological and behavioral responses and stressors of caregivers quarantined with young patients after a close contact to a...
Panel-Reactive and Donor-Specific Antibodies before Lung Transplantation can Affect Outcomes in Korean Patients Receiving Lung Transplantation

Moon SW, Park MS, Lee JG, Paik HC, Kim YT, Lee HJ, Park S, Choi SM, Kim DH, Cho WH, Yeo HJ, Park Si, Choi SH, Hong SB, Shim TS, Jo KW, Jeon K, Jeong BH, Kim SY, the Korean Organ Transplantation Registry Study Group

Purpose: Data on the distribution and impact of panel reactive antibodies (PRA) and donor specific antibodies (DSA) before lung transplantation in Asia, especially multi-center-based data, are limited. This study evaluated...
Normal Reference Values for Left Atrial Strain and Its Determinants from a Large Korean Multicenter Registry

Sun BJ, Park JH, Lee M, Choi JO, Lee JH, Shin MS, Kim MJ, Jung HO, Park JR, Sohn IS, Kim H, Kim HK, Cho GY, Park JS, Shim CY, Shin SH, Kim KH, Kim WS, Park SW

BACKGROUND: Left atrial (LA) strain is a novel parameter of LA function. However, its reference value has not been established, and the determining factors for LA strain remain elusive. We...
Closure of an oroantral fistula with a bone fragment during surgical extraction of an impacted maxillary second premolar: A case report

Sim YS, Jung S, Park HJ, Kook MS

Maxillary sinus membrane perforation commonly occurs during extraction, mostly during an impacted tooth extraction. If left untreated, maxillary sinus perforation can cause several complications. Here, we describe a closure technique...
Comparative study for osseointegration according to surface treatments of dental implants

Jun MH, Kim MJ, Sim YS, Kook MS

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of hydroxyapatite (HA) full-coating and resorbable blast media (RBM) on the osseointegration of implants placed in the bone. Twelve rabbits...
Clinical Usefulness of Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography in Patients with Non-Obstructive Acute Pyleonephritis

Sun IO, Lim JH, Oh JH, Cho AY, Kim BJ, Lee KY, Lee MS

Objectives: The aim of this study is to investigate the clinical utility of contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) in patient with non-obstrcutive acute pyelonephritis (APN). Methods: From 2007 to 2013, 537 APN...
Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides Improve Rosacea-Like Phenotype through Anti-Inflammatory and Epidermal Barrier-Improving Effects

Lee SG, Yoon MS, Kim DH, Shin JU, Lee HJ

Background: Rosacea is a common skin disease associated with increased expression of cathelicidin, kallikrein 5 (KLK5), toll-like receptor (TLR) 2, and abnormal barrier function. Recently, it was reported that hyaluronan...
A Case of Piloleiomyoma Mimicking Keratoacanthoma

An JH, Shin JU, Kim HJ, Kim DH, Yoon MS, Lee HJ

  • KMID: 2503033
  • Korean J Dermatol.
  • 2020 Jun;58(5):355-356.
Long-term Effects of Bilateral Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation on Postural Instability and Gait Difficulty in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Shin HW, Kim MS, Kim SR, Jeon SR, Chung SJ

Objective The long-term effects of bilateral subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation (STN-DBS) on postural instability and gait difficulty (PIGD) in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) remain unclear. In this study,...
Gender differences in the presentation of chest pain in obstructive coronary artery disease: results from the Korean Women’s Chest Pain Registry

Cho DH, Choi J, Kim MN, Kim HL, Kim YH, Na JO, Jeong JO, Yoon HJ, Shin MS, Kim MA, Hong KS, Shin GJ, Park SM, Shim WJ

Background/Aims: Chest pain in patients with obstructive coronary artery disease (OCAD) is affected by several social factors. The gender-based differences in chest pain among Koreans have yet to be investigated. Methods:...
Evaluation of Drug-Induced Liver Injury Developed During Hospitalization Using Electronic Health Record (EHR)-Based Algorithm

Kang Y, Kim SH, Park SY, Park BY, Lee JH, An J, Won HK, Song WJ, Kwon HS, Cho YS, Moon HB, Shim JH, Yang MS, Kim TB

PURPOSE: The incidence of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) has been increasing; however, few algorithms are available to identify DILI in electronic health records (EHRs). We aimed to identify and evaluate...
Factors Affecting the Duration of Untreated Psychosis in Community-Dwelling Patients with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder

Kim M, Kim JK, Jhon M, Kim JW, Lee JY, Kim JM, Shin IS, Yoon JS, Lee MS, Kim SW

Objectives: This study aimed to identify factors affecting the duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorder. Methods: Six-hundred patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorder were recruited from mental...
Febrile Hashimoto’s encephalopathymimicking infectious encephalitis

Lee JJ, Youn MS, Park JM, Kwon O, Lee WW, Kang K, Kim BK

Hashimoto’s encephalopathy (HE) is a heterogeneous encephalopathy with diverse clinical presentations. Here we report on a 69-year-old woman who presented with confusion, aphasia, fever, and focal ictal discharges. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis and...

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