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Associations of Serum Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Abdominal Fat Distributions in Obese Korean Women

Yun KE, Park HS, Park CK, Song YS, Jang YJ

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2011 Jun;20(2):84-90.
BACKGROUND: Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a very potent angiogenic factor expressed and secreted from adipocytes, and VEGF-mediated angiogenesis is necessary for the adipose tissue expansion associated with human...
Visceral Fat Measured by the Electrical Impedance Analysis Method is a Reliable Predictor of Insulin Resistance

Kim MK, Lee IS, Jang HW, Joung KH, Kim KS, Kim HJ, Lee TY, Kim YK, Ku BJ

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2011 Jun;20(2):75-83.
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to investigate whether visceral fat measured by the electrical impedance analysis (EIA) method could serve as predictor of insulin resistance (IR). METHODS: We evaluated...
The Comparison of the Cut-Off Definition for Diagnosing Overweight and Obesity Among Middle and High School Students in Seoul

Shin YA, Shin YJ, Park JK, Park J

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2011 Jun;20(2):65-74.
BACKGROUND: There is still much debate on which standard cutoff value should be used for diagnosing adolescent obesity although various cutoff values have been used for assessing overweight and obesity...
The Effects of Circuit Hydraulic-Combined Training on Body Composition, Blood Pressure, and Blood Lipids in Obese Women

Ha S, Seo DI

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2011 Jun;20(2):59-64.
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a 12 week course of 30 minutes of circuit hydraulic-resistance exercise training program on body composition, blood pressure,...
The Relation of Plasma Osteocalcin and BMI in Subjects Who Visited a Health Promotion Center of a General Hospital

Kim KJ, Kim KK, Hwang IC, Lee KS, Suh HS

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2011 Jun;20(2):51-58.
BACKGROUND: There has been a rapid increase of obese population in South Korea. Obesity is a major factor in the development of cardiovascular and endocrinologic diseases. Adipokines, released from adipose...
Obesity and ER Stress

Koo SH

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2011 Jun;20(2):45-50.
Endoplastic reticulum (ER) is one of the cellular organelle found in all eukaryotes. It plays a critical role in the protein folding, lipid and sterol biosynthesis, and the storage of...

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