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The Relationship between Economic Status and Adolescent Obesity in Incheon, Korea

Kim JK, Im JS, Yim J, Park SH, Hong DH

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Jun;16(2):76-85.
BACKGROUND: Obesity has a multifactorial etiology, in which economic status plays an important role. The association between economic status and obesity begins from the adolescent period. The association between obesity...
Association of Weekly Frequency of Exercise Participation with Body Composition and Inflammatory Markers in Korean Women

Kim K, Kim S

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Jun;16(2):65-75.
BACKGROUND: Recent studies have demonstrated the effects of nutrition, hormone and exercise type in modulating lipid metabolism during exercise. However, there is no study of relationship between exercise frequency and...
The Relationship between Obesity and Reflux Esophagitis in Helth Check-up Subjects

Cho SH, Kim CW

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Jun;16(2):58-64.
BACKGROUND: Obesity has been known as a risk factor for reflux esophagitis and its prevalence has increased with increasing obese population. This study was carried out to find any association...
Comparison of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis with Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry in Obese Women

Cho YG, Kang JH, Kim KA

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Jun;16(2):50-57.
BACKGROUND: Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is simple, inexpensive, portable, safe and relatively accurate means of assessing body composition. However, there were many reports in that the error of BIA was...
The Relation between Inhibition of Adipocyte Differentiation by Activation of Wnt Signaling and Impaired Glucose Metabolism in Human

Han H, Kim HS, Kwon SJ, Kim CG, Choi WH

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Jun;16(2):39-49.
OBJECTIVES: The differentiation of preadipocyte to mature adipocyte includes activation of adipogenic gene expression and induction of insulin sensitivity. Wnt signaling, primarily mediated by Wnt10b in human, functions as a...

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