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A Meta-analysis of the Effects of Exercise Therapy Applied in Obesity Studies

Kim KB, Lim KI, So WY, Park SK, Song W

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Dec;16(4):177-185.
BACKGROUND: A meta-analysis was performed to investigate the effect of exercise therapy for Korean obese patients. METHOD: Thirty peer-reviewed journals including obesity and exercise therapy studies published between 2000 and 2006...
Association Between Obesity, Abdominal Obesity and Sexual Dysfunction Among Korean Women

Kim HE, Jo YR, Park HS

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Dec;16(4):170-176.
BACKGROUND: Despite its prevalence, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is often under diagnosed mainly due to the lack of awareness and reliable information on this condition. METHOD: Sexual function was assessed according...
The Relationship Between the Level of Serum Lipids and Bone Metabolism Among Pre and Postmenopausal Women

Shin JH, Hwang YN, Kim WW, Kim HS, Song SW

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Dec;16(4):162-169.
BACKGROUND: Previous in vitro and animal studies showed that high serum cholesterol reduced bone mass densitometry (BMD) by affecting the cell differentiation of osteoblasts, and antihyperlipidemic drugs (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors)...
Association Between White and Red Blood Cell Counts in Peripheral Blood and Metabolic Syndrome

Yoon WS, Lee MS, Yu BC, Lee YH

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Dec;16(4):154-161.
BACKGROUND: Several studies have demonstrated that insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia is related to leukocyte and erythrocyte counts. The objective of this study was to identify the relationship between the components...
The Association Between Plasma Adiponectin and the Components of Metabolic Syndrome in Adults with Abdominal Obesity

Lee SE, Moon JH, Ahn JH, Oh YS, Shinn SH

  • Korean J Obes.
  • 2007 Dec;16(4):147-153.
BACKGROUND: The metabolic syndrome is a constellation of interrelated risk factors of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Abdominal obesity is emphasized as the most important cause of insulin resistance, which is...

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