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Virtual Preoperative Simulation for Excision of Spinal Tumors: Surgeon Processing of Medical Computer-Assisted Design Software

Lee JH, Han IH, Choi BK, Nam KH, Kim DH, Lee CS

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):170-174.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.170
As medical computer-aided design (CAD) has improved, virtual 3-dimensional medical images have been gaining more easily without any special practice. These images can be applied to various clinical fields. This...
Glomangiopericytoma of the Spinal Cord

Kang SS, Jeong HS, Son HY, Moon TY

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):166-169.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.166
Glomangiopericytoma, also referred to as a hemangiopericytoma-like tumor or sinonasal type hemangiopericytoma, is a rare tumor of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinus that has never been reported in the...
Epidural Metastasis in Malignant Thymoma Mimicking Epidural Abscess: Case Report and Literature Review

Kim JY, Lee YS, Kang DH, Kim MH, Lee JH, Lee CH, Park IS

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):162-165.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.162
Thymoma and thymic carcinoma are rare epithelial tumors that originate from the thymus gland. Extrathoracic metastases occur in the liver, kidney, and bone in 1% to 15% of patients. Although...
Iatrogenic Spinal Subarachnoid Hematoma after Diagnostic Lumbar Puncture

Park JH, Kim JY

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):158-161.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.158
Spinal subarachnoid hematoma (SSH) following diagnostic lumbar puncture is very rare. Generally, SSH is more likely to occur when the patient has coagulopathy or is undergoing anticoagulant therapy. Unlike the...
Sudden Paraplegia Caused by Nontraumatic Cervical Disc Rupture: A Case Report

Kim SM, Choi BS, Lee S

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):155-157.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.155
A 38-year-old man visited our Emergency Department for sudden onset paraplegia that occurred 1 hour ago. He felt a piercing pain in the posterior neck and became paraplegic while he...
Whole Spine Disc Degeneration Survey according to the Ages and Sex Using Pfirrmann Disc Degeneration Grades

Oh CH, Yoon SH

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):148-154.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.148
OBJECTIVE: Pfirrmann disc grade is a useful scoring tool for evaluating disc degeneration, but normal values according to aging process has not been elucidated. This study was conducted to identify...
Comparison of Cervical Alignment and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Os Odontoideum versus Non-Os Odontoideum after Atlantoaxial Fixation

Yudoyono F, Kang J, Ha Y

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):143-147.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.143
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of atlantoaxial fixation on cervical alignment and clinical outcomes in patients with os odontoideum (OO) versus non-os odontoideum (non-OO). METHODS:...
Expressing Cobb Angle as Linear Measurement in Scoliosis and Its Significance: A Clinical and Geometrical Analysis of Scoliosis

Puthezhath K

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):139-142.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.139
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to formulate an objective clinical and geometric relationship between Cobb angle and the difference between the lengths of convex and concave sides (convexo-concave...
Myelography in the Assessment of Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis and Its Influence on Surgical Management

McKay G, Torrie PA, Bertram W, Landham P, Morris S, Hutchinson J, Watura R, Harding I

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):133-138.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.133
OBJECTIVE: Myelography has been shown to highlight foraminal and lateral recess stenosis more readily than computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It also has the advantage of providing...
Proximal Junctional Kyphosis and Proximal Junctional Failure Following Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery

Hyun SJ, Lee BH, Park JH, Kim KJ, Jahng TA, Kim HJ

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):126-132.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.126
The purpose of this review is the current understanding of proximal junctional kyphosis (PJK) and proximal junctional failure (PJF) following adult spinal deformity (ASD) surgery. We carried out a systematic...
Korean Journal of Spine, the Long History of Archives of Spine Academia and the Beginning of a New Era

Ha Y

  • Korean J Spine.
  • 2017 Dec;14(4):125-125.
  • doi: 10.14245/kjs.2017.14.4.125
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